Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Exposed Skin Care

Does Exposed Skin Care Work?

The Exposed Skin Care system is a kit composed of different skincare products. It is designed to treat existing acne conditions as well as prevent breakouts to reveal smoother skin. The basic kit is composed of five products: the facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum, clear pore serum, and Derm-X cloth. The expanded kit adds the moisture complex, clarifying mask, probiotic complex on top of the items in the basic kit.

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Exposed Skin Care Ingredients

The active ingredients used in Exposed Skin Care work in two distinct ways. Alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxy acids, green tea extracts, benzoyl peroxide, and tea tree oil are used to treat and prevent acne. These ingredients result in the unclogging of pores and the resistance to bacteria. Allantoin, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, and licorice root extract work to soothe the skin and encourage natural regeneration. The skin is moisturized to become softer, smoother, and with less blemishes.

How Exposed Skin Care Works

Exposed Skin Care works by providing the user with a complete lineup of products to treat and prevent breakouts. The Derm X-cloth is designed for microdermabrasion. It gently gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil. The facial cleanser contains salicylic acid to get rid of dirt and contaminants without overly drying the skin. As for the clearing tonic and acne treatment serum, they restore the skin’s balance to prevent the formation of blemishes. The clear pore serum is a lightweight gel formula that repairs damaged skin. The moisture complex, clarifying mask, and probiotic complex in the Ultimate Kit are designed to moisturize and clear discolorations of the skin through the use of natural extracts and antioxidants.

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Exposed Skin Care: Real Consumer Feedback

Consumers have a lot of say about Exposed Skin Care.

“I occasionally get a pimple but they usually disappear within a day or two with continued use of the product. My only dislike about the product is that I hate having to use 3 products at night and 3 in the morning, but seriously, that’s very little inconvenience for the results I have achieved. I highly recommend this product.”

“I was amazed at the results. My makeup goes on so much better, and my skin looks completely different. My skin did not dry out at all.”

“I had a special occasion and of course my face decided to break out a few days prior. I used the acne serum as a spot treatment and within a couple of days my face was clear!!! I became a true believer after that and have now purchased kits for both of my daughters.”

Where to Buy Exposed Skin Care

Exposed Skin Care can be purchased online through their official website at The manufacturer of the products offers a 30-day risk free trial. The basic kit is normally priced at $85 while the Ultimate Kit costs $204. A four-piece trial kit is also available for $40. The purchase of any of the kits also includes free membership to Club Exposed, which results in product discounts on Exposed Skin Care items.

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Exposed Skin Care


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